Black Sea

I haven’t been posting everyday because every other day I’ve been going to the beach and doing absolutely nothing all day.My beach days:

At the beach I made a little friend! He crept up on me while I was reading and scared the shit out of me.

I found a fruit vendor with the best fruit. I hang out with him for a few minutes so he can practice a little English. This giant cup of raspberries was about $1.25!

I’ve been eating tons of fresh seafood too.

So healthy, except for the massive amounts of beer I’ve been drinking.

The nights at the hostel have been so entertaining and hilarious. A mixture of English, Italian, Albanian, Ukrainian and German. I’ve never laughed harder in my entire life!

Exploring Varna

Varna is pretty small but it’s still hard to find what you’re looking for. Googling things in Bulgaria gives you few results with little to no actual information.

Anyway, once in town I found an archeological museum. I was searching for an art museum but had to settle.

And finally got a cup of halfway decent tea.

Craft beer!! I was so excited! The atmosphere was awesome, cool place.

Surprisingly good Bulgarian craft beers!

Varna city

Just outside of the center of town is a gigantic Soviet monument that is slowly crumbling.

It’s a massive amount of concrete. I was told you could go up inside of it, but once I saw the entrance there was no way I was going inside.

That’s where nightmares live.

Back in town I checked out the cathedral.

Then meandered through town.

Why 2017? It’s a bit early for that.

I had meat pastries and juice for lunch at a super girly cafe. I loved the little parasols.

And of course, beers.

Last Day in Tarnovo

(I was really confused looking through my posts and saw that I made this but somehow never posted it. The pictures were cute though. So I’m posting it anyway but it’s from last week.)

I took my time exploring the old streets since it was my last day.

I crept around to the back of the closed and decrepit church to peek in the windows.

I had a fantastic lunch in the cutest restaurant.

Wine, cucumber yogurt soup, and baked cheese.


Getting here wasn’t too hard. I took the bus for around $10 (apparently better than their crumbling trains) and arrived 3.5 hours later. My hostel is like a little jungle oasis with palm trees and plants everywhere, it’s so green.

I haven’t been doing much, it’s great! I went out the first night I got here with everyone from the hostel. A mix of Canadians, Australians, Americans and Portuguese. 

The next day I spent on the beach.

I read all day, it was perfect!

A hot day and a rainy day

Another two in one post.

Yesterday, I went to the pool. It ended up being quite a hike.

I couldn’t believe there was actually a pool at the end of the park, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Today, it rained. I’m so happy! The temps dropped about 25 degrees. It’s glorious! This morning I did the walking tour. Although I’ve seen a lot of the town, I don’t know what anything means, so I got a lot of history and back story on all of  the monuments.

The old town is just fantastic.

After the tour, I had lunch and made a friend!

By the way, the Hostel Mostel is amazing, we are fed breakfast and dinner. It’s so cute.

I managed to get a few girls to come out with me for drinks. I found Bulgarian craft beers!

Veliko Tarnovo

I’m so happy with this hostel. The common areas are conducive to mingling and conversation. Delighted that breakfast and dinner are included. And it’s just freaking cute.

Over breakfast a group of us decided to check out the main attraction that day, the Tsarevets.

The spiders here are aggressive. They kept dropping from the ceiling onto us, we put up quite the fight but didn’t stay in that room for very long unfortunately.

At the top was the Patriarchal Cathedral, the seat of the ruling Bulgarian patriarch during the second empire, around the 11th and 12th centuries.

Walking up to it, you are prepared for ancient artifacts and an old orthodox church. Such a surprise!!

The modern murals in such an old church were kind of a mind fuck. So awesome.

Then lunch and a walk through town.