Climbing and another Bierhaus

Saturday was beautiful, and the best part was that during the night, everyone else that was climbing with us this weekend, arrived.  We spent the day climbing with Abdi and Erica and getting some AMAZING views!

We worked up an appetite and it was decided that everyone would meet at Mountain Brauhaus for dinner and drinks!

I almost never go to German restaurants, and order German beers, so going to two so close to each other was something new for me. Alas, still no dark or smoke beers. But I did see a familiar name on the list! I really like the Ayinger Celebrator, so I felt like choosing Ayinger Ur-Weiss would be a good choice. (and it was!)

So good that I got two!

The dinner portions were huge! I was so hungry I thought I would chew my arm off if I didn’t get food soon, and then I ended up not even being able to finish my plate. I got the bacon wrapped rabbit. So good! But then again, anything wrapped in bacon usually is!

I was, thankfully,  able to make it back to my room before I passed out from the food coma. 🙂

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