Out in Daytona Beach!

Jack frequently gets sent to Florida for his job, so occasionally I join him for a long weekend! Got down Thursday night and by Friday I was ready to hit the beach! My day: pool, beach, pool, water slide! quick run, and of course, Harry Potter! (hehe, I had to go, after 10 years of HP, its finally over)

Then we hit up Robbie O’Connel’s!

I’ve actually been to this bar before. About 2 years ago Jack and I were down here for another long weekend and happened to find this place. It doesn’t have a very attractive front but I spotted Chimay and Orval signs in the windows, so we had to check it out. Last time I was there I was extremely happy with my find, and I wasn’t let down this time either!

The downstairs is more of an Irish pub, and upstairs is a Belgian bar! The first night we hung out in the downstairs, thinking that we would go upstairs the next night. But unfortunately we didn’t make it back till Sunday night and the upstairs was closed! Ugh! I got to take a peek in through the door and it looked pretty cool. They had large wall murals of the pink elephants from Delerium Tremens. Guess I’ll be heading back to Robbie’s again in the future so that I finally get to see the upstairs!

So Friday night I ordered La Fin Du Monde to start with, from Unibroue Brewery. I haven’t had this beer in a while and I thought that now would be a good time. (The beer selection was ok, not great, I think they might have a better beer menu for the upstairs) I was surprised at how sweet it was! It also has a bit of clove spiciness to it.

After that my next beer choice was the Rochefort 8. But they said their distributor sucks and they they were out of the 8 and the 10. So I opted for the 6!

After he poured it, he threw away the bottle so I was left with a wonderful looking reddish/brown beer to take a picture of and no bottle to go with it.  Hence my Grrr face…

Haha! But then the bartender saw me take that pic and he thought I was pissed at him! So I had to explain the whole picture/ blog thing.  He was super nice and gave me the bottle back for another photo! Yay!

Wow. They probably thought I was a nut job after that. Anyway, probably one of my favorite trappist beers. I think I tend to go with the 6 most often, but I need to get out and try the 8 and 10 again soon.

Thanks to Robbie’s for a good night of good beers!

ps- they still have smoking in bars in Florida!?! It was strange, my eyes were burning. Really made it feel like a gritty  dive bar though.

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