a Porter on Sunday

It’s been so hot I’ve been afraid to leave the house. Jack and I managed to make it down to Alexandria on Sunday night to have dinner with my dad! I brought a beer I’ve had in the fridge and been meaning to try. It was Legend Porter from Richmond, VA.

Not the creme-de-le-creme of porter, but not too bad. It must not have liked the car ride over, because I had the hardest time calming it down to open and pour it! Ok, so it probably had a more than normal amount of head. But it did pour a wonderful dark opaque black/brown. Tasted of roasted malts, kinda smoky, a little thin on the mouthfeel. Good, but not life-altering.  Then we headed out to dinner. No beer for dinner, I was kinda dehydrated and slammed water like it was my job!

2 responses to “a Porter on Sunday

  1. Hey! Thanks a lot! I read up on Stumblin’ Monk, it sounds great! If I’m ever in DE I’ll have to hunt it down and try it! Thanks for a good suggestion! Cheers!

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