Another Belgian Dinner!

Friday night Jack and I went out on a long motorcycle ride and came back through DC to stop at a cute Belgian cafe we spied on MacArthur Blvd while biking, called Sur la Place.

Strange, there are actually two Belgian places right across the street from one another, and there’s not much else around. huh. Maybe because it is not in a very busy neighborhood or metro accessible, we walked in without a reservation and were seated at once!

I love these Chimay menus. They make my day!

Again I tried to get the Rochefort 10 or 8, but they were out! So instead I ordered the Westmalle Dubbel.

I love Trappist beers, especially dubbels. Poured a hazy, reddish brown, can smell the alcohol in it right away, but not in a bad way. Vague fruitiness and a dry warming spiciness.

When I ordered, Jack looked at me as said, “You’re drinking tonight?? We have a triathlon on Sunday!” I told him there was no way in hell I was eating here without getting at least one beer. Haha, so he got one too! It’s carb loading!! (my favorite excuse!)

The food here was fantastic too! We ordered the blood sausage and split a huge pot of mussels! I love black pudding so we order it whenever we can find it, I wish it were more widely available.

Yeah, not many beers this weekend. I’ll probably be slamming waters all day tomorrow, Let you know how the tri goes, it’ll be my first one ever!

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