Culpeper Sprint Triathlon

Warning! This post, unfortunately has nothing to do with beer.

Sunday, I did my first triathlon ever! I’m really happy with how it went, there were no disasters and I did not wipe out on my bike!

The night before we stayed with Jack’s friend Sean about 45 min away from the race location.  He was even nice enough to get up horribly early and come with us to watch, cheer, and take all these wonderful pictures! Thanks Sean!

I didn't get any pictures of Sean on race day, but here's a picture of the guys in Yosemite!

When we got there we had to pick up our race packet, ok this might have been the mini disaster of the day. The line took forever! After getting checked in, getting our chip, and the body marking done, we were left with almost no time to set up our transition areas and warm up.

I managed to get in the water and swim around the first marker buoy to warm up and get used to the lake which was about 85 degrees! The bottom was the nastiest sticky mud, but I tried to get over that.

I was released in the third heat, women under 39 years old I think.  Woah. Absolute chaos! The swimming was like sensory overload, hardly able to see, bodies flailing, kicking. haha!


After rounding the first yellow turn buoy, I got more comfortable and kinda hit my swim stride. I think it also helped that people were starting to spread out a little. I passed a few men from the two heats in front of me and felt pretty good about myself! The hardest part of the swim was trying to pass people, you have to pull your head up and see where they are and try to veer in a different direction. After rounding the final buoy I looked up and the sun was right in my eyes! All visibility was gone. I realized I was done when the person next to me stood up.  My swim time was 15.40. Then it was right into T1.

No major problems in the first transition, my bike shoes felt a little large without socks though. T1 time was 1.20.

We had to run with our bikes up a grassy hill until we could mount them, and then I was off on the bike course!

(Jack rocking out his T1. Sorry, now the pictures aren’t in chronological order. Jack came out and got on his bike waaay before I did. )

The bike course was all hills and 90 degree turns! There were no flats or straights! And what I suspected all along became a reality….I suck on the bike!! Not even a mile into the bike course, we came up to our first 90 degree turn and the person in front of me and the person directly behind me wiped out, skidded across the ground and crashed. I managed to stay on the bike but I was petrified! I took every turn after that super slow, I figured it was better to be slow than to crash. Also, I had planned to use my Garmin during the bike portion of the race, even though I thought I had charged it, it died, so I had no way to tell where I was on the course.  Anyway, the end finally came, I managed to dismount, and headed into T2. My bike time was..haha…1:04.53.

yes, I was actually running. haha

T2: 1.18

Jack was already done with his race and cheering me on by the time I went through my T2.

Then the run.

The first mile was all uphill. I actually stopped to walk, twice! I felt really down on myself. But actually almost everyone was walking! There were constant hills on this course. I felt like molasses! The best part of the run came at the end though, about 1/3 of a mile from the finish I saw Jack and he was cheering for me to pick up the pace and sprint the finish. I looked at him and said, I have nothing left! But then I realized, I did! So I picked it up and passed two girls to finish! Run time: 28.55. It was blazing hot by the time I finished! But, I finished!!!

And Jack finished 12th overall!

I totally passed out on the ride back, ate like a horse, and passed out again the minute I stepped out of the shower.

4 responses to “Culpeper Sprint Triathlon

  1. Congrats Steph! As your FFX partner, I know you always have that extra burst at the end and I’m so glad you pushed through. You are an incredible and amazing woman and I am so proud and inspired! Way to go!

  2. Steph, Doug and I just read this together. He had to run out to meet the guys for, well….beers! We loved the triathlon sprint recap! Hope to see you and Jack soon and catch up on everything!!

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