Randomly out on a Wednesday night (another post with no beer! what the hell!)

Wednesday night, Jack suddenly suggested we go out to dinner! He’s been off all week, doing things around the house and said we had to go to dinner because it’s his vacation week. It didn’t take much to convince me!

We decided to try a little Italian restaurant, La Stradda, that we’ve been to once or twice before, down in Del Ray. But when we got there and looked at the menus I remembered, THEY DON’T SERVE BEER HERE!!! I know absolutely nothing about wine, nor do I have any desire to learn while beer exists. I handed Jack the wine menu and told him to pick something, even if it’s shitty I’m sure I won’t know the difference. haha. Kinda sad, I know.

Me with a non-beer beverage. This is something you don’t see everyday.

I really wish places that have good menus and food would offer beer as well, even if its only the beers from their country!

We look out of place!

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