Galaxy Hut!

Friday night we went to Galaxy Hut, one of my favorite bars in Clarendon! Galaxy Hut is a very eccentric hole-in-the-wall “dive” bar heaven, and it has a pretty good beer selection. I LOVE this bar!

I say “dive” because the bar is very small, and has been a staple in Clarendon for years, outlasting many of the other bars in the area. Galaxy Hut doesnt have a full liquor license so its only beer, haha and a few wine selections at the very bottom of the menu, obviously, this is a beer bar! The atmosphere is great too, there are strange cartoonish paintings everywhere,  and some of the tables are old, still working,  pinball and packman machines!

Galaxy Hut has about 20 taps and about 20 bottles, both their bottle and tap selections are constantly rotating. We managed to get a booth and I ordered the Heavy Seas Davy Jones Locker Cream Ale, by Clipper City Brewing Co in Maryland.

Not bad at all! A very different beer from what I usually drink. I think this beer is considered a pilsner lager. Well, that surprised me! If it is a pilsner, it doesnt have that huge bready taste (that I usually try to avoid)! Poured a wonderful golden color with no visible bubbles and carbonation. Very smooth, creamy, full bodied mouthfeel.

We were later joined by our friend Steph who just moved to the area from Colorado! I like talking beer with her because we prefer the same kinds of beers! (Dark porters and stouts and beers with very little hops!)

Another reason I love Galaxy Hut is the food. Nothing fancy, no gourmet. But you can get some kick-ass tater tots and corn dogs!! I get a corndog every time!

I also ordered the Bluegrass Bourbon Barrel Stout, which they had on tap.

Pours a very dark jet black. Roasted malts, chocolaty hints, vanilla and oak. I didn’t get too much of the bourbon barrel taste. Great, especially as it warms a bit.

Great night at the bar, not too crowded, and I like how you don’t have to scream yourself hoarse to be heard (I think they have bands Sunday and Monday night)

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