A Mid-Day Beer (a few days late)

Saturday Jack and I met up with my parents for a late lunch at 3, in Clarendon.  The food here is amazing! There is bacon or pork in almost every dish! You can even get bacon on a stick!

Since it was lunchtime I decided to go for a beer that was fruitier and sweeter. I ordered the Kasteel Rouge!


This, to me, is a great summer picnic beer because its almost like drinking punch or just fruit juice. I hate to say it, but its almost not even like drinking beer.  I usually like to mix this beer with Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (stout poured first then layer the Kasteel on top, delicious!) , but I imagine this beer could be mixed easily with other beers or other mixers. Pours a dark, clear, ruby red. Smells immediately of sweet cherries, haha and tastes immediately of sweet cherries. This is definitely a dessert beer. I would not have this beer with dinner, any other time of day is acceptable to me (maybe even breakfast!)

2 responses to “A Mid-Day Beer (a few days late)

  1. I had a Kasteel Rogue at Liberty Tavern last week… very sweet… have you had the “Red and Black” from Dogfish Head? I don’t know if they still have it… it was a one time only raspberry and mint beer, I think it was a stout?

    • No, ive never had that! I need to try it! Ive never had a beer with mint in it! Thanks for the heads up! Ill have to get to Dogfish Head Alehouse asap!

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