Luray Triathlons (Jack’s was on Saturday, so we’ll talk about his first)

Since we had triathlons this weekend, it meant we didn’t get out anywhere to have awesome beers. bummer.

Saturday Jack had his International (Olympic) distance triathlon. 1500 meter swim, 41K bike (25.5 miles), and 10K run (6.2 miles).

I had so much fun getting to watch, cheer, and take pictures but not have to race! haha! There was no pressure or worry for me and it was chill and relaxing.

The race sold out, so there were 700 people competing.

The Luray triathlons are known for being one of the hardest races in the Virginia triathlon series because of all the killer hills! We rode the bike course, in the car, the day before when we did the packet pickup and were really intimidated by the hills. There were a couple mean and fast down hills, but the last 5 miles were all gradual, gradual, and then killer up hills..

Also, the transitions in this race were really LONG! When you get out of the water, you had to run across a sandy beach, a field, up some slippery wooden stairs, around a couple of turns and finally you are at the actual transition area! haha!



Before the race we ran into Phil from our climbing gym! Nice bike, Phil!


These guys are ready to kick some ass! (and Jack looks like a smurf!)


Jack was released in the third wave of swimmers, which meant he had to fight to swim past lots of other people.

Jack, out of the water, up the stairs, and haha it looks like he got punched in the stomach! Swim time was 24:48.


Getting ready for the bike. T1 was 55 seconds.


Then he was out on the bike! But I only got a blurry picture cause he was already moving so fast!


And I saw Phil again, looking like a bad ass!


Jack finishing the bike. Bike time was 1:15:38.


His T2 was 37 seconds! (He had the two fastest transition times, hehe maybe I could learn a thing or two from him!)



Run 42:40.

Final time 2:24:37 and he finished 25th overall and 3rd in his age group. Winning an engraved Luray Triathlon wine glass! haha. Which will be used for nothing except beer.

(Phil also placed FIRST in his category Clydesdales, also winning a wine glass! Way to go Phil!)

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