Luray Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

After Jack’s tri we hung around on Saturday and saw some really heavy rain and storms, I was starting to get nervous about my tri the next day.

Sunday, I woke up and the sky was heavily overcast and dark, but not raining. We got to the race site and had about an hour till the race starts, I got the body marking and my transition set up, warmed up in the water and then I had to wait!


I was most nervous about the bike, I was worried the road would be wet and that it would start to pour, I’ve never biked in the rain and I was worried about how poor visibility would be. I was also kinda iffy about how long T1 was with having to run over sand, a field, and wooden stairs (see Jack’s race recap for the T1 pictures!)

Finally the waiting was over and we were off! I was in wave three and just happy to be in the water!


I felt like this swim went smoother than the pervious tri swim, although I still had trouble passing people half way through the swim. After turning at the second buoy and heading toward the swim finish, I came up on a slow swimmer from the previous heat that I didn’t see because he wasn’t splashing, he was swimming breast stroke, and I got kicked right in the upper chest. I had to pop up out of the water because all my air was gone and I was scared as shit! But at least I didn’t get kicked in the face! Finished the swim in 15:45.

Then the run to T1 which felt like it took forever!




T1 was 1:59.


The bike course went OK. The first half had some awesome downhills, I hit 37mph as my top speed! I was flying! That’s by far the fastest I’ve ever gone on a bike! About six miles into the bike it started to rain. I had a little talk with myself and told myself that it would be ok, I will finish even if it’s slow, and that running in the rain to finish will be easy and fun. So the roads got re-wet but thankfully it stopped raining after about 5 minutes! So happy! Well, if the first half was downhill, the second half was all uphill. Very gradual, gradual, and then the most killer hill I’ve ever ridden. People in the race were getting off their bikes to walk them up. I managed to stay on the bike but was wobbling all over the place! They had a lot of people cheering for everyone on the hill, and I think that really helped!


Haha! Yes, I tucked the camelbak tube into the strap of my trisuit, I kept hitting it with my knee and had to get it out of the way! I think there’s a little attachment piece to hold it in place I need to find it. Bike was 1:08:55. ugh!

In T2 I had some trouble getting my shoes on, I was a little disoriented and almost fell over! T2 was 1:02.

Well, after all those hills my legs were dead weight for the run! But they started to feel more normal about half way through and I was able to sprint it in to the finish!



Yay! Run was 29:45. And overall time of 1:57:33. And (not counting men) I finished 80th for the women out of 224! I’ll take that! Although, I did get passed by a 60yr old woman and a 12yr old. Wow! I keep telling myself if I bike for another 20 years I will be that good too! I think I need more hill practice! But first I needed a cheeseburger and a nap!

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