Summersville Lake and Pies and Pints

This weekend, we decided to take a break from triathlon stuff and get some climbing in! We left Wednesday night and made the 5 hour drive to the New River Gorge, WV.

Thursday morning when we woke up we knew all the popular climbing areas would be fairly empty so we decided to go to Summersville Lake.


We got some good climbs in, nothing too hard since both of us haven’t climbed in…months?? It was really nice to se Orange Oswald wall nearly empty!!


But after a day of climbing and swimming in the lake, it was time for Pies and Pints!


They have a pretty good beer list here but I always seem to have trouble getting porters and stouts. They didn’t have any on tap today because its not quite fall yet, and they only really carry one or two that sell out fast. (that tells me that they need more dark beers) I ordered the Rogue Chocolate Stout (which she told me was their last bottle, lucky me!).



Poured wonderfully dark with a beautiful creamy mocha head. Tastes of roasted malts, hint of vanilla, chocolate, hints of coffee. The mouthfeel was a bit thin though, I like my chocolate stouts to be thick and creamy. I usually only get this beer when I come to the NRG so its always a treat for me!

Jack branched out and got the Rogue Somer Orange Honey Ale on tap. I ended up having half of it, and he split my beer too since I ordered a 22oz.


I have to admit, for a wheat beer, it was damn good! I was tempted to order another one all for myself! I tried to look this beer up on beer advocate, but they said it was retired and no longer brewed. odd. Tastes obviously of oranges and honey and wheat. I didn’t get much else out of it, but it seemed pretty simple and refreshing.


The pizzas are amazing! We got half Grape and half Chicken Gouda.

And random picture of the night:


We were sitting outside and the sun managed to make it through the trees and I was suddenly in a spotlight! It was blinding!

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