Saturday we met up with some friends to climb and went to a new area! Fantasy Wall on Endless Wall.  Everyone was climbing super hard and having really good days! I thought the best climb of the day, for me, was Fantasy 5.8. It was a gorgeous crack climb, (4 stars)  I top-roped it, since its a trad line, but I think next time we are in the area, I might try to lead it!

But for dinner, we headed back to Pies and Pints, and guess what I ordered again?? Yeah, haha, the Rogue Chocolate Stout. (they had more hiding somewhere apparently)  I guess I’m a creature of habit.

So delish!

Short and sweet! Thats pretty much it, we chilled for a while and then all went back and crashed hard! I slept so well!

2 responses to “Repetitive

  1. So fun to read you post, esp being the face of Rogue Chocolate Stout which I blog about ( and tweet about ( @chocolatestout) — Funny thing is I used to sell a lot of climbing equipment in a sports store, and recently met my doppleganger at a beer dinner — she climbs in the ‘Gunks in NY State. I need to blog that soon and will include your post since it all ties together (no pun intended). Cheers and hoppy climbing!

    • Hey! Thanks! This is awesome! When I was drinking that beer we were wondering who the woman on the bottle was and if she was a real person! This made my day!! I”ll be checking your blog! Cheers!

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