After the quake

The damn earthquake really screwed up my day. I didn’t get evacuated and sent home from work early, but when I did leave work I found that the DC Metro was really messed up. Surprise, surprise. It took me forever to get home. I had to get off at Rosslyn station and walk the 2.5 miles home because the Orange line was basically non-existent. It was such a nice evening, I would have loved to do something outside, but I was beat. So, Jack suggested beers to make our day better! I need to re-stock the fridge but I managed to find a tasty Left Hand Milk Stout!

left hand milk stout

I’ve already posted about this beer so here’s a question for you, if I post about a beer multiple times, do I describe it every time? Let me know what you think!

But anyway, sweet and creamy and delicious, just what I needed to make my day go …hehe….a little smoother!

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