Granville Moore’s

Yesterday we helped Liz move, actually it was only a bed and a desk, and Jack did all the heavy lifting. When we were done we headed out to Granville Moore’s! I’ve heard that this place has a great Belgian selection, and have been trying to convince people to go there with me.

Just the outside of the building looks promising!


The inside was awesome too! Lots of wood, exposed brick, heavy wooden ceiling beams, old antique wooden ice boxes. Nice atmosphere!

We chilled at the bar till we got a table and I ordered the Rochefort 8! Finally! haha the last 3 or 4 times I’ve tried to order it, not here, but in any bar, they have been out, win!


This bar was wonderful and dark, even with the flash on I didn’t get that good of a picture of the beer. (served in a Koningshoven glass) Poured deliciously dark brown, cloudy and murky. Sweet malts, dark fruits, plums and raisins. Pretty smooth and not as boozy as I would have imagined considering its 9.2% abv. The carbonation was good, it felt light and easy to drink.

Finally, we got a table, got our food, and dug in!



Next up, I ordered the Gouden Carolus Ambrio, considered a Belgian Strong Pale Ale 8% abv. (really?! Pale Ale? I dunno, if I can agree with that)

Anyway it poured a very pretty, light amber brown. Sweet and estery, I felt that the alcohol was more apparent in this beer. Somewhat dry finish.

When we were done Liz suggested pie! We walked down to Dangerously Delicious and Jack and I split the coconut chess pie! Toasted coconut with a creamy tangy buttermilk custard! Served hot, so good!

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