Poker Night!

Sunday night we grabbed some beers and headed over to Steph and Adam’s for poker night! I’ve never played poker before so I knew this would be interesting.


At total wine I stocked up (for home) on a make your own six pack of random awesome looking porters and grabbed a six pack of Port City Porters for the evening.


Not too bad, not my favorite though. I knew I’ve had these before but I couldn’t quite remember when or where so it was time for another try. And its brewed here in Alexandria, VA! Just sipped straight from the bottle, coffee, roasted malts, smooth, bittersweet chocolate, finishes somewhat dry.


Yeah, I certainly didn’t have beginners luck, but I did manage to stay in the game! Its amazing how fast the night was going!


I didn’t remember to take a picture of beer #2, but it looks very similar, I’m sure you can use your imagination.

Steph and Adam also provided a large assortment of sunglasses if we wanted to be poker bad-asses.


I think I only won maybe 3 or 4 hands all night, but I think I did well for my first time at poker!

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