Dave’s Birthday!

Friday night we headed into DC to go to Wonderland Ballroom for  a surprise birthday party for Dave!

Happy Birthday!


Cool atmosphere, but very limited beer selection. I started the night off with a Delirium Tremens.


I like to think of DT as being an “intro” beer to Belgian beer drinking. It’s considered a Belgian Strong Pale Ale at 8.5% abv. Its fruity, citrusy hops, a little peppery, but not too sweet and you can really taste the yeast. It seems to be carried in a lot of bars and is a good go-to beer when there is not much to choose from.

So many people came out to celebrate! It was awesome!


Next up I had the Chocolate City Amber? I tried to order two other beers but they were out. Fail. This was on draft and I sampled it from a very busy and hurried bartender.


It was ok. But I didn’t really have any other decent choices so I ordered it. I’m not even 100% sure if its called Chocolate City Amber. I believe that’s what the bartender said. Anyway, the beer was forgetful and not stunning. Pretty hoppy, finished dry.


The party went over well, cool bar to chill in, haha, and there were hipsters everywhere! They were cute and emo, I think we all stared at them for a while, I was trying to imagine how I could dress Jack up to pass him off as a hipster! I got some good ideas though, maybe for Halloween!

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