Reel Rock Film Fest at the Arlington Drafthouse

After getting back from the rafting trip, I was exhausted, but Monday night we made it out to the Reel Rock Film Fest being held at the Arlington Drafthouse. I was feeling a bit sick, with a sore throat, but we were able to get to the Lost Dog Café across the street with enough time to have a beer before we had to pick up our tickets and get inside.

Lost Dog rocks! They have a great beer selection and the food is awesome too! Jack, unfortunately, didn’t see too many porters on their list and so he couldn’t make up his mind. So I made up his mind for him. We split the Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout!


After having it during the climbing trip, I said I needed to have it again out of a glass and this was my opportunity. Really good beer.

As I was drinking this wonderful beer, I was staring at the taps and noticed that had a few Southern Tier beers on tap. This got me thinking….will they ever have the Southern Tier Crème Brule Stout on tap? I’ve been fanatically searching for this beer since the 4th of July. So I asked the bartender what the Southern Tier beers were that were on tap and she said the one handle had to be changed, because they just put a new beer on and that it was the Crème Brule Stout! I think I scared her with my reaction. Yeah, I flipped out a little. I really like the Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout but I began to eye it with hatred. We only had time for one beer and it was standing in the way of my dreams becoming reality. I think the bartender could see how distressed I was and gave me a generous sample. Creamy, incredibly sweet, vanilla and butterscotch heaven. I will be back!

Oh yeah, and the films were kick ass too.

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