The Land of Death and Shadows

This is what Jack jokingly calls Johnstown, PA, where I am from. Yes, it has super shitty weather and we never see the sun, but it’s where I call home, and I have a blast every time I get to come back and chill with my Johnstown friends. I actually had to come back because my driver’s license expired and I needed to get a new one with a new picture and everything (haha, yes, I still have a PA license!)

Friday night, I was feeling a little under the weather with a lot of sinus pressure, but we still made it out to my favorite bar on earth, Tulune’s South Side Saloon. This is the bar where I began to learn about good beer. As soon as I walked in I saw Joe, who has been voted Johnstown’s best bartender a few years in a row now. He really knows his beers. Every time I  walk in he updates me on what’s new and knows exactly what I will like and what I should try. This time when I walked in, he was pretty busy but he came over and gave me a Chimay bottle opener, win!

I got the Troubadour Obscura, which is from Belgium and is considered a mild stout.


Unfortunately I couldn’t really smell anything and it really took away from the taste and experience of the beer. Luckily, I’ve had this beer many times before and I was able to appreciate the taste that I knew I was missing out on.

I was worried I wouldn’t get to see Tara and Mike since they had to go to a wedding in Ohio the next day. Mike had to work, but Tara made it out for a little bit!


I ended up only having that one beer because not being able to taste anything was really depressing. But being back in my favorite bar with my favorite people made up for it!

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