Redbeard’s Birthday!

Saturday night, we stopped at the saloon and picked up a 6 pack of random stouts and porters and headed to Redbeard’s for his birthday celebration!


Redbeard knows how to have a good bonfire! No shortage on things to burn!

Throughout the night I drank:

Dragonhead Stout by Orkney Brewery, Scotland, 4% abv


I think I was expecting a bit more out of it, but it was a satisfying stout but a little thin and watery tasting to me. Nice roasted malts, slight coffee, bitter chocolate, a dry finish.


Mmm and then La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue brewery in Canada. It’s a tripel at 9% abv, at least I found a glass for this one! They did a very good job making a Belgian tripel. Nice spice and warm alcohol, very complex. Moderate carbonation but it still stays creamy tasting.

Random photo of the night:


Jack says hi! (I promise his nose isn’t broken!)

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