LSU game with Kristen and Mark

Saturday, I managed to find some purple and gold and went out to watch the LSU vs Alabama game with Kristen! (This is the first time I’ve cheered for a non-Pittsburgh team) But I figured since I don’t really follow college football that it would be ok.

Kristen, by the way, is a hardcore fan. HARDCORE! It’s a lot of fun to watch the game with her because she really gets into it!

It was a beautiful day and we walked to her friend’s house for some tailgating. I picked up a 4 pack of Tilburg’s Dutch Brown Ale by Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven of the Netherlands 5% abv.


I was super happy to pick up this beer because I randomly stopped in a little market on the way through Court House and this was probably the best beer they carried.

Almost a little nutty, roasted malts, medium bodied, medium carbonation. But man this beer is smooth! Browns were what originally got me interested in good beer. But as my tastes have evolved, I feel like I need either more flavors, more complexities, or more richness that a stout (and of course other beers) can deliver. Browns are still amazing, especially this one, and it was perfect for a chill afternoon of tailgating.



Hm, maybe they went down a little too easy!


I always really liked the label art for this beer, I thought it looked kinda trippy. But I learned that it was taken from a much larger painting  called “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch who was a painter in the Netherlands and painted this anywhere from 1490-1510. I’ve seen that painting (of a reproduction of it) many times but I never put it together before! I think it’s really cool and a fantastic piece of art to incorporate as part of the label for the beer.

After the beers, a friend of Kristen was making Piña Coladas, they were so delicious and summery I had to get in on the action. Very unusual drink for me!


For the game, we headed out nearby to Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill.

It was packed. It was so hard to get to the bar that I didn’t bother to ask what kinds of beer they had and went with what everybody else was getting, Abita Turbodog since it was a $3 beer special because it is brewed in Louisiana! 5.6% abv. (HAHA! I feel like the beers I usually order and nowhere near in price to $3 what a surprising treat!)


Turbodog’s style is that of an English brown ale. A little dry, and almost a little bitter toward the end. Hint of chocolate, hint of roasted toffee.


At some point during the game I mixed it up with a Dogfish Head India Brown Ale 7.2% abv that I spied on tap at the bar.


DF beers are pretty solid good choices at the bar, they have a very recognizable tap so I don’t have to ask the bartender what they have, and since they are brewed nearby in DE they seem to be carried in almost every bar in the DC area.

But oh my! another brown for the night! I am brown ale’d out! Very good brown ale though, definitely hoppier! Brown sugar, malty, and slight bitterness. But mostly the up front hop character.

And I mixed it up again, later at the bar I meant to order another Turbodog but only said Abita and I got the Abita Amber handed to me instead. The bartender was hurried and it didn’t really matter so I gave it a try.


Meh. Its considered a Vienna Type Lager at 4.5% abv. It was a bit bready and yeasty, just a bit weak tasting. But then again I’m not very enthusiastic about lagers.

The game was a nail biter. No touchdowns, and it went into overtime. But thankfully LSU won and Kristen could breath easier and celebrate!

I was super happy we were out in Arlington because I was able to walk home! Helped sober me up a little before I crashed in bed.

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