After Climbing

After climbing at the gym today I came home ravenously hungry, destroyed dinner, and needed a beer!

I almost picked out a different beer, but decided to treat myself and open the Traquair 2020 brewed by Traquair House Brewery of Peeblesshire, United Kingdom (Scotland), English Barleywine style at 10% abv.


Immediately upon pouring the aroma was strongly apparent, dark and fruity, and sweet and boozy, and I wasn’t even sticking my nose in the beer, I was feet away! Poured with almost no head. Tasted of dark fruits, figs, molasses, a little smoky, very complex. The alcohol was not overpowering and well hidden. Full mouthfeel.

This beer is amazing, perfect for a chilly night, I really took my time with it and enjoyed it. So delicious, I don’t know if I’ll be seeing it around again since it was only brewed once, but if I do I’d definitely pick it up again!

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