Dinner for 3, and I make a Pie!

Tuesday night, we had Kristen over for dinner since her boyfriend, Mark, was out of town. I was pretty excited and seeing Jack making a bunch of food kind of made me want to make something. So I aimed high and decided to make an apple pie! You have to understand, I cant really cook or bake. The only thing I have ever used the oven for was frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, and cookies that you cut from a log and place on a sheet. So, going from that to a pie was a big jump for me. I had the recipe in front of me and my mom on the phone for every step of the process, and Jack watching over my shoulder too. But it turned out fantastic! And I made homemade whipped cream (thank you Sara and her blog Call Me Fudge) to go with the pie!


It even looked good too! I’m so proud!

Ok, now on to the beers!

When Kristen arrived we opened and split a beer that I have had since the spring! I had forgotten we had it in the back of the fridge and when I pulled it out the label piqued my curiosity. We split Antigoon brewed by Brewerij De Musketiers of Ursel, Belgium, considered a Belgian Pale Ale at 6.8% abv.



I learned that this beer was originally commissioned by Brasserie Beck here in DC to be brewed by Brewerij De Musketiers. So it was only available at first on tap at Brasserie Beck, but became popular enough for them to bottle it and distribute it here in the US.

Poured an inviting hazy, golden yellow with a very yeasty aroma. Belgian beers are so unmistakable with their big bready yeastiness and delicate fruity sweetness. Nice full mouthfeel, medium to low carbonation. And toward the end a little citrus and tartness. Very well done beer!

As we got further on into dinner, which was amazing (thank you Jack,) we opened a bottle that Kristen brought. She said she had brought it all the way from her Alaska trip but had been saving it because she wanted to drink it with other people who would really appreciate it. Well, I think she brought it to the right place!

We split the Alaskan Smoked Porter from the Alaskan Brewing Co of Juneau, Alaska 6.5% abv.


WOW! Pours very dark and inviting! With the first sip, its nearly overwhelming! Campfire and BBQ smoke, smoked bacon, woody, hints of chocolate and coffee. Nice and creamy and thick, it all works very well together.


You probably can’t drink this whole bottle by yourself so it’s a great bottle to split! It went very well with the steak, asparagus, and mashed potatoes.  A perfect Tuesday night dinner!

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