Jack and I traveled to Johnstown, PA for Thanksgiving. I like going home, we usually lie around and do nothing all day and watch TV (we don’t have a TV so this is a lot of fun for us) and then go out drinking with my friends at night!

There were only 6 of us for Thanksgiving and none of us particularly like turkey so my mom made lamb! (my absolute favorite)


Eleven pounds of meat were destroyed. Very few leftovers.

For dessert (while we digested, before we had pie) we had a beer that my dad and his friend Randy (mostly his friend Randy) brewed! He brought it home in a growler, and hadn’t yet tried it himself. It was a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout!




Cheers! This is probably the best home brewed beer I’ve ever had! The flavors were so apparent and clean. Probably the most oatmeal flavor I’ve tasted in a beer, and it was fantastic! The oatmeal flavor was baked and toasted. Smooth and chewy. Rich and chocolatey. Light on the hops. Light on the carbonation, probably because it was transported in a growler and in the fridge for a day. Brewers could learn from Randy. Hopefully he brews again, I may have to beg my dad to get another growler!

After pie,sitting by the fire, watching football, and card games, we headed out to Tulune’s Southside Saloon to meet some friends for a few beers.

After seeing what they had on tap, I knew exactly what I wanted.


I wanted to try mixing the Southern Tier Crème Brulee Stout with the Kasteel Rouge.


I really like mixing beers, this one blew my mind it was so good! It was almost flavor overload. Butterscotch and vanilla meets raspberries with dark stout roasted goodness.


I also learned that Redbeard should never be in the foreground of a photo. This picture makes me look like a midget.

When it was time for another beer, I meandered down to the beer cooler and began the search for my next beer. I love staring into a beer cooler, its like a kid in a candy shop or a kid picking ice cream flavors! The possibilities are so exciting!

Anyway, my choice didn’t take very long, I saw the Trappistes Rochefort 10 by Brasserie De Rochefort (Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy) and was sold.



It’s a Belgian Quadruple so you know its going to be sweet! It’s sweet but not sugary or syrupy, fruity like raisins and plums. The alcohol is warming but very well hidden for a beer that is 11.3% not overwhelming and boozy. Medium-full mouthfeel, very smooth. I wish this beer were easier to get, everywhere that always claims to carry it, never have it in stock. So when I see this beer, its one of my favorites, I will always get it! Thank you for carrying it Tulune’s!

3 responses to “Thanksgiving

    • Hey! I asked the bartender, he said it’s the Burton Baton. Ive seen that picture of the girl before….? Is that the normal label for Burton Baton? They have about 12 taps there, they probably just use the tap for whatever DFH beer they have. Nice eyes though! I didn’t even notice that tap there!

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