Saturday Part 1

Saturday was a busy day. It started off too early with Trevor picking us up at 6:00am to go to the Hot Chocolate 5k race.

There were many things that went wrong with the race such as the location, National Harbor, MD. While not a bad place, its not metro accessible and there were about 20,000 people trying to get there at the same time. Fail. Also, there was an accident at the entrance to National Harbor. All the runners were late and there would have to be a delayed race start.


                   (Can you find me? I need to start picking smaller races!)

And finally during the race, the lead runner was directed through the course backward and into the rest of the oncoming racers. Just a disaster.

Anyway, I warmed up and then stood in the corral and waited till I froze!


The race finally got underway and I thought it went super fast! All except the last .25 miles when the finish was uphill. But I finished in 25m 17s and placed 18th in my age group out of 844!


Then I slammed some hot chocolate!

I snuck in a nap and recharged for Saturday night!

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