Saturday Part 2

After napping and re-charging we headed back out to National Harbor to meet Steph and Adam, and another couple for dinner and drinks.


We watched a tree lighting at the Gaylord Hotel and then headed out and walked over to the Irish restaurant, Harrington’s, for dinner.

They had the usual beer offerings, tons of Guinness and Guinness mixed beer drinks, but I spied a Chimay Premiere (Red) by Bieres De Chimay located in Scourmont Abbey in Belgium 7% abv, on the menu and had to get one!


The Red is considered a dubble and is a very easy drinking beer. Dark fruits and caramel. Belgian yeastiness. Sweet but not syrupy. Light on the hops. I prefer the Chimay Blue, but I’m happy that the Red is randomly popping up on more menus around town!


Next, with my dinner, I ordered the Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout by Samuel Smith’s Brewery, UK (England) at 5% abv.


Maybe it is just me. Have my tastes changed? I usually enjoy this beer. It’s a pretty good beer. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy this beer, but I felt like I expected more from it. Malty, sweet, light chocolate and toffee flavors. Thinner than I was expecting. The oats start to come through a little in the end. Light for a stout.

After dinner we headed back to the Gaylord Hotel to hear a jazz singer that Adam works with. They have a small bar area and it seems like they specialize in fancy drinks and don’t give a shit about beer. They had maybe two or three beer selections and I would rather not drink them. The place is cool, and the singer was awesome so Jack ordered me a vodka martini, dirty. (Not in a martini glass because I’m clumsy and will slosh it everywhere)


Yes, its official, this is me not drinking beer. Gasp! I had a good time though, I felt like a grownup sipping a martini and listening to jazz.

But then we were ready for something a little more lively, but still slightly musical and headed over to a piano bar, Bobby McKey’s.

Adam surprised me by ordering a giant beer tower! I think it was filled with Harpoon IPA. It seemed like every table around us had a beer tower. Thankfully they come with lots of cups!


We kicked the tower and Jack and I called it a night!


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