Football, Beer, and Baking

Thursday night we went over to Chris’s house to watch the Steeler vs Browns game. Chris was super nice in giving us his house keys because he would be in class and not get home till half time. So since we were playing the Brownies we thought we would make some too!


Pardon my language! We could not find zip lock baggies anywhere in Chris’s house so we had to make due and improvise. Yeah, the lettering was kind of a disaster. And the game was almost a disaster, but we pulled out a win and I could sleep easy for the next 11 days.

We also had the Rogue Double Chocolate Stout by Rogue Ales of Oregon 8% abv, given to us by Jared when he came over for meat pie night. Thanks Jared!


This beer poured so dark, unable to see through it at all. Of course tasted like chocolate! Dark, roasted malts. Bittersweet chocolate, very creamy. The flavor is so tasty and delicious. Is there alcohol in this? A little warming and bitterness (in a good way) at the end.

Also, cool bottle. It’s been staring at me from the back of the fridge for about two weeks and I couldn’t pass it up any longer!

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