Happy Birthday Kristen!

Friday, we got to celebrate Novak’s birthday and she had a fun night planned for us!

We all met up at Bowl America, about 30+ of us, and bowled 2 games.


Competitive bowling ensued. Along with lots of shit talking and drinking. They did have a few beer offerings at the bowling alley, as Novak found out (she had to drink for every strike!) but I did not partake. Go ahead, call me a beer snob, but I was waiting for the good stuff, or at least the slightly better stuff. haha!

Awesome birthday idea!



And Jack and I baked again! This time we made special LSU cupcakes for Novak! (Fail, I somehow didn’t get a picture of them. My icing skills were much improved with the aid of a zip lock bag!)

After bowling, we headed back into Clarendon and went to Spider Kelly’s.

spider kelly's

It was packed! We had a large group but we managed to get some seats in the back and of course more beers!

It was so crowded at the bar, and the bartenders were so busy I couldn’t ask what beers they had, I had to choose by what I saw on tap. Which wasn’t much. I figured maybe they would have the Sam Adam’s Winter and all I got back was a Sam Adam’s. meh. I guess I was too hopeful. Haha, ok, I’ll still review it. I got a Samuel Adam’s Boston Lager from the Boston Beer Company of Massachusetts, 4.9% abv. A little hoppy, a little grassy, easy sipping.


This next picture is a shout out to Ryan, who didn’t know I had a beer blog! But now I’m sure he’s a loyal follower! haha!


Ok next up, I ordered a Brooklyn Brown Ale by Brooklyn Brewery in NY at 5.6% abv.


This was a decent brown ale, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, once you are used to drinking much darker beers, browns seem watered down and not intense enough. A mild nutty flavor, hints of caramel and chocolate. Lightly malty and lightly roasted. But I think its probably the best beer they had available.


The party was a blast! Here I am either getting mauled by Novak or getting a lap dance from her, I can’t tell! It was fun either way!


And to finish the night I ordered a Guinness. I suppose I shouldn’t be making that face. Guinness is pretty good. I think I was just disappointed with Spider Kelly’s beer selection. They do seem like they do more mixed drinks there, maybe I should have branched out?


At the end of the night, around 3am, Jack and I were convinced by Ryan and Voltaire to hit up Silver Diner! I was starving again by that point so it was a great idea!

I had an awesome night, Happy Birthday Novak! I can’t wait till next year!

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