Johnstown Pub Golf

For Christmas, Jack and I headed in to Johnstown, PA. Friday night we all decided that we would do a pub golf tournament to celebrate! I kind of put together the score cards (copied them almost exactly from Rob’s last birthday pub golf) I thought they looked tough!

At every bar, every “hole,” you can choose from an eagle, birdie, par, bogey, and double bogey.

An eagle (-2) would be a tough shot or drink that nobody really wants to do (4 Horsemen, Double Tequila Shot).

A birdie (-1) a little easier (Belgian beer, So Co shot).

Par is a real beer, mixed drink, or wine.

Bogey (+1) would be a light beer.

And a double bogey (+2) is a non alcoholic drink.

Anyway, we started at Lisa and Dave’s for Hole 1 with Gin and Tonics and Lemon Drop Martinis for the Eagle and Birdie.

(Unfortunately, there isn’t much beer drinking this night.  I don’t usually drink liquor, so I didn’t play every hole so that I could stay slightly less drunk.)

Here we are making our way to the Haven, hole #2.


The eagle was Mike’s Choice! and he called it All Bad. The girls did the So Co shot. Yes, I did a shot.


Up next, Hole #3 was the Boulevard Grill. The Eagle was a 4 Horsemen and the Birdie was the Weyerbacher Triple, which I believe is the Merry Monks Ale at 9.3%abv. I think most people went for the Weyerbacher Triple. It was the only good beer on the pub golf score card. Mostly because the Boulevard was the only bar on the menu that had a decent beer selection. We spent a little more time on this hole because nobody wanted to rush drinking their beer.


It was soo good to have a beer! Haha! After having just one mixed drink and one shot I was dying for a beer! The Merry Monks Triple was delicious! Everything you want in a triple. Beautiful dark golden, hazy orange color. A bit citrusy, tasting a bit of the alcohol, but you know that there’s more than you can taste! And a really rich almost creamy mouthfeel.




We needed a picture to showcase our wonderful golf gloves! Everyone came with great costumes! I was impressed!


I think I must not have taken pictures at Hole #4, the Southmont Gardens. But while I was there, I had a Magic Hat #9.

Hole #5 was Murphy’s. I took the double bogey on this hole and got a coke. I needed to sit one round out. Plus I didn’t feel like getting the Long Island Iced Tea. We also all got pizza to stabilize out stomachs.


Next we had to take a little hike and head down to Dively’s, everyone opted for the Eagle which was a car bomb! I think this is the defining picture of the night!


We were all starting to feel like Bobby and so we headed back to Lisa and Dave’s for the final hole!


After another round of gin and tonics and lemon drop martinis we tallied up our score card and (no surprise here) Redbeard won! Dave came in second!


Tara and Lisa tied for third place!


And Bobby got the participation award!


Nobody got lost, died, or even threw up. Successful night!

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