After Xmas Beers

Still in Johnstown, we headed to Tulune’s Southside Saloon after Xmas for some beers! I spotted a beer that I’ve never had and of course had to try it! I ordered the Cerberus Belgian Tripel by Thirsty Dog Brewing Company of Akron, Ohio at 10% abv.


I feel like I used to drink a lot of trippels but then moved away from them. Sometimes I forget just how good they are! Poured a wonderfully inviting golden cloudy orange. Tastes like citrus, honey, coriander, malty and funky Belgian yeast.


Next up, I saw yet another beer I’ve never had! (Good job Saloon!) The 2011 Anchor Christmas Ale by Anchor brewing of CA at 5.5% abv.


This beer was so drinkable! I was also happy to switch to a less alcoholic beer. But the beer was good! The last winter warmer style beer I had left me disappointed but this one satisfied! Very malty, toasted malts and bread, smooth and creamy body, hints of caramel, spiced dark fruits. A very drinkable holiday beer.


Too bad holiday beers aren’t available all year round. I just know in the summer I’ll be dying for a beer selection like this!

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