A Beer After Climbing

Thursday night, I climbed with Novak! Afterward, we came back to my place and split some beers! We each had two half beers.


(Notice the new glassware? My dad gave them to me when I was at home! I’m not too big on German beers, but he gave me a couple of matching sets and a few steins. They are awesome! Ill be showing them off in future posts I’m sure!)

We split the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout that came from my Secret Santa 6-pack!


And we split the Unibroue Blanche De Chambly of Quebec, Canada at 5% abv.


The Blanche De Chambly is considered a witbier and, obviously, is very different and much lighter than the beers I usually drink. Witbiers “white beers” are Belgian wheat beers and are usually very pale and unfiltered so they can have a cloudy appearance.

This was super drinkable! Quite carbonated, but refreshing. It went down easier than the stout actually. A little fruity and lemony. This would be fantastic for a summer day.


I’m always psyched for some beers after a workout!

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