Reel Rock at Katie’s

We missed last year’s get together, but this year we were definitely making it to Katie’s to re-watch the Reel Rock Film Tour.


The Reel Rock Film Tour is a bunch of short films of noteworthy (awesome, kick ass) climbers/ ascents from the past year. They are completely inspiring and my hands get sweaty even thinking of the climbs and physical ways these climbers are able to push themselves.

And of course we had some beers! I’m slowly making my way through all the beers in my fridge.

I started off with Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout  by Bell’s Brewery of Michigan 6.1% abv.

(Hi Katie! Thanks again for having us over!)


This was also one of the beers I got in my Secret Santa 6-pack (thank you Rob) and I was very much looking forward to opening this beer. It did not disappoint!

Roasted malts, milk chocolate, a little smoky, and very smooth and creamy going down. If I can find this beer again, I will definitely pick it up. I wish I had more than one!

Next up, yet another beer from the secret 6-pack, the Buckwheat After Dark by BJ Rockers Brewing Company of Spartanburg, SC at 6% abv.


Dark wheat ale, tastes like molasses, toffee, biscuits, and wheat. Moderate carbonation with a dry finish. Not bad, I was expecting a little more from it though.


Climbing movies are awesome because they get you psyched to climb again! And right now in the boring winter months, that’s exactly what I need!

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