Hitchcock Movie Night with Kaitlyn and Andy

Sunday afternoon we headed up in to DC to Kaitlyn and Andy’s for dinner and a movie!

Let me first just say, Kaitlyn is probably one of my oldest friends, we grew up as neighbors and have been friends since we were six years old. And she came and visited me every day that I had chemo, so Kaitlyn is a rad, rad girl. Now that’s a good friend, and something you never forget.

Anyway, they had me over last year for a Hitchcock movie night and decided to do it again! This time, we watched Vertigo.

But first, of course, drinks!

We brought a couple beers but I decided to let Andy make me a drink. He’s good at fixing drinks. I had a bourbon and soda with lime.


They have a record player! And some great records too! We picked out some Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to listen to, because sadly, it was the first time I heard them on vinyl and I was pretty excited!


And we split a huge fruit bowl! It was almost frightening!


Before you ask, yes, those were blood oranges, not raw pieces of meat slipped in with the fruit!

During the movie, I sipped on a Boddingtons Pub Ale from Manchester, England at 4.7% abv.


I have to admit, there’s always something exciting about pouring a beer from a nitro can. The beautiful cascading effect. The fact that you can pour the can from completely vertical and that it will still foam just the right amount and never spill over. The two to three fingers of beautiful creamy head. Ok, anyway, its strange to see all that foamy head on top of a pale ale and not a Guinness. The beer is ok. I haven’t had a Boddingtons in forever and decided to give it a try. Just seems like a regular pale ale to me. A bit hoppy, but very smooth and creamy.

Vertigo was good too. It’s kind of strange to watch older movies. I don’t know if it was the acting or the directing, but I couldn’t guess what was about to happen next throughout the whole movie! I thought it was very different from modern movies where it is very easy to see where the movie is going and who is the “bad guy.”

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