Game Night at Jude and Lisa’s

Saturday we braved the cold temperatures and headed over to Jude and Lisa’s for game night!


I started off the night with Guinness Draught Nitro-Can which is an Irish dry stout by Guinness Ltd. of Dublin, Ireland at 4.2% abv.

You guys know this beer I’m sure! Even though I’ve seen it  hundreds of times, I always marvel in the beautiful cascading bubbles and the incredibly creamy head.

We tired playing Smallworld but eventually quit because there were too many rules and we were jealous of the other tables having more fun. I left to join a game of Taboo. I also opened a St George’s Porter by the St George’s Brewing Company of Hampton, VA at 5% abv.


Dark roasted malts, chocolate and toffee, dark fruits and raisins. Mildly sweet, smooth and dry. Very little carbonation. Very drinkable, before I knew it, it was gone!

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