Steak Dinner with Kristen and Mark

Last Thursday was pretty chill, after work and a quick run, we took some beer and some sides and headed over to Kristen’s for dinner!

While Jack and Kristen worked on the steaks and Mark ran out to get sauce, I got started pouring the beer!

We had the Ommegang Adoration by Ommegang Brewery of Cooperstown, NY at 10% abv.


Jack has been hoping that we would get to try this seasonal beer, I was beginning to lose faith that we would find it before the season ran out! But I was in Rodmans’s the other day, up in Chevy Chase, and they have a surprisingly good beer selection!

I thought this beer was waaaay better than the Seduction that we had last week. Ok, the Seduction was good, but this was just higher quality.

Dark fruits, raisins, raspberries, cherries, cinnamon and orange peel. Candied sugar, medium body, dry finish. Complex and subtle. Very well balanced. Alcohol is well hidden for 10%.


With dinner, Kristen picked out a very delicious wine (sorry, I cant tell you much about it because I know nothing about wine, but it was very good according to Kristen) that went with the steaks perfectly. Thanks guys for the great dinner!

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