Wine and Beer Tasting with Steph and Adam!

Friday night Steph and Adam invited us over for a beer and wine tasting, of course we had to go! On the way over, we grabbed a few 750s and a 4 pack to add to the beer tasting!

Once there, while waiting for the fellow beer drinkers, I had the Dogfish Head Chicory Stout from Dogfish Head Brewery of Milton, DE at 5.2% abv.


The Chicory Stout poured very dark brown, almost black. Chocolate, roasty, and an earthiness, would that be the chicory? And a dry roasted coffee flavor. Felt light and smooth.

Next, we all sampled the Old World Russian Imperial Stout by BrewDog of Fraserburgh,Scotland, UK at 8.2% abv.


First off, I liked the bottle, monochromatic but intricate and cool bottle label art. Poured deliciously dark and thick! Burnt coffee and chocolate, and a unsweetened chocolate bitterness that follows throughout. Thick mouthfeel and creamy.

And we were lucky enough to get to try some of Terence’s (aka Vegas) home brew! We opened a big bottle of his Amber beer from this past year.


I thought he did very well with the Amber! It was clean and simple, smooth and drinkable. Almost creamy, medium to low carbonation. Quite nice, I had two!

My next sample of the night was the Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider by Crispin of Minnesota at 5% abv.


Cider is not technically beer. This cider was quite cloudy and tasted like apple flavored Jolly Ranchers and hard candy. Very sweet. Not as effervescent as I thought it would be. I was very happy to have just a small sample of it! There is no way I could put down even half a bottle, or even a full glass by myself!

And the final sample of the night was the Rogue Mogul Madness by Rogue Ales of Newport, OR at 6.6% abv.


The Mogul Madness is a winter warmer and a seasonal so I was happy to try it before it was off the shelves! It was lighter than I expected it to be and it was not like other winter warmers that I’ve had in the past. No Christmas spicing here, more herbal and piney, and moderately hoppy. Although after the dark dry stouts, and the super sweet cider, this was a nice balance.

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