Boston Here I Come!

Thursday, I flew up to meet Jack in Boston! I’ve never been before, but Jack lived there for school for four years, so he planned out the weekend and was going to show me around!

When I landed we headed right out to Faneuil Hall to walk around and find somewhere to eat. We ended up choosing Durgin Park because they had an ok beer menu (especially compared to all the other restaurant options in the area.)


I quickly found a beer I’ve never had before, the Pigs Ear Brown Ale by Woodstock Inn Brewery of North Woodstock, NH at 4.3% ABV.


Low on the hops, thank goodness. Malty and sweet but finishes roasty and dry. A bit nutty, not a bad beer. Just not a super standout beer. Easily drinkable. Cute name.


After walking around a bit (Boston seems to be very pretty at night) we headed back to the hotel, we had a lot on the schedule for the next day!

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