Tooling around MIT

Friday, we had a lot on the schedule! Jack wanted to show me everything about MIT!

We took the T (their metro) over to the campus and then walked through building to building (because it was so cold and windy!) to get to the engineering labs.


This was just a random mirror sculpture in a building entrance.

After exploring the lab for a while we walked over to the MIT museum!


This museum was AWESOME! On the second floor it has all these small mechanical sculptures. I cant even describe them. They were captivating and intricate.




The chair would bounce around and do flips over the cat. So pointless and so much fun to watch!



Ever year a piano is thrown from the top of a school building, I have no idea why, but it seems to be an awesome tradition.


Boston, from the top of Jack’s old Frat house. (I can see why they would take all the ladies up to the rooftop to romance them!)


It was a very busy day, and thank god we got to finish it at the Cambridge Brewing Company!



I was frozen! So the best way to warm up is a couple of samples!


From left to right:

YouEnjoyMyStout, barrel aged Imperial Stout. Hints of vanilla, chocolate. Very thick and rich, very sweet. I’m glad I only had this as a sample, quite strong and quite a big beer. I’m impressed with CBC, I feel like most small brewpubs don’t go out on a limb and produce something a little out there that not many people may like.I’m sure its hard if they do make something crazy and it doesn’t sell.

Blunderbuss Barleywine, aged in port and sherry barrels. Again, this was almost hard to drink! I couldn’t have had more than these couple ounces. I;’m totally impressed with the ballsiness of CBC. So sweet it almost hurts your mouth. I think I actually made a face while drinking this. (That’s not a bad thing though) This is a beer to sip! Highly alcoholic, almost no carbonation, thick and almost like honey on your tongue.

Darkest Night compared to the other two, very drinkable. A very well balanced and well put together stout. Actually I think it was considered a Belgian Black Solstice Ale. Seemed like a light stout to me. Dark dried fruit, plums, caramel, toffee.


And to finish off the night, instead of dessert I ordered the Bier de Miel, a Belgian Saisson-style ale with honey. Sweet, but pucker your face sweet, lightly tasting of honey, spices, and slightly floral. Lovely and easy to drink.

After all that, I was ready to pass out!

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