Rob’s Birthday Bar Golf

For the past couple of years for Rob’s birthday, he’s done a pub golf bar crawl. It’s legit. With scorecards and everything.

First drink of the night: Black and Tan


As you can see, its gonna be a long night. haha


Rob is in the back, dressed as the eagle. Get it?


Second drink of the night: Kamikazi


Believe me, this bar crawl is chaotic. I forgot to take pictures at the next few bars, but drink five was whisky.


This was Novak’s favorite stop I think. She knows much more about whisky than I do, so I let her pick mine.


The last few years of pub golf usually include a really good beer bar on the list with a Belgian beer as the eagle. Not this year. So disappointed. I don’t usually drink liquor, so I was very happy even to get a cider!


And finally at the last bar, DT was available!


This night was wild and crazy. Once we hit the last bar, everyone was drunk and all over the place. But I finally managed to make it to the end of the whole bar crawl! And on the plus side I didn’t give Rob a black eye!


Party on!

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