Theater Night

Jack, Mark, Kristen and I planned a theater night to my favorite DC area theater, the Synetic Theater, to see Genesis Reboot. Jack had to cancel because he would be on the plane back from a work trip during the play, but I asked Trevor and he filled in as a date for me! Jack ended up meeting us for drinks after.

After the show, which was odd and artsy, we made our way to Rustico in Alexandria. Rustico, while not being open terribly late, has an amazing beer menu! The beer menu has its own binder! And they have quite a number of taps, around 30, that you can also sample in smaller sizes!

I saw a couple of beers on the menu that I haven’t had before, and I was in the mood to try something new and unusual.

I started off the night with Al-Iksir (pronounced elixir) by Birrificio Le Baladin of Piozzo, Italy at 10% abv.


It was a beer they had on tap, so unfortunately I don’t have a cool bottle photo for you. It had an unusual appearance in the glass though. No sign of carbonation whatsoever. Almost viscous, syrupy appearance.

Sweet and fruity, like tropical fruit. I don’t even know what kind of fruit this is?! Passion fruit? Mangoes? Also a little pear and apricot. Seems very summery since it has these odd tropical flavors to it. Very smooth and buttery. I would get this again just because its kinda odd. But one glass was more than enough for now.


Kristin went with samples! I love how you can make your own flights! She picked some very dark, flavorful heavy hitters, so the sample size is just perfect!


And in keeping with the trend of new and unusual beers I ordered the Hitachino Nest 3 Days by Kiuchi Brewery of Japan at 8% abv.

I think I had to go with this beer because it had an unusual story. Apparently during the brewing of this beer, the earthquake hit Japan and this beer got stuck in the mash tun for three days while the power was out. By that time, it had naturally fermented. And often when there is natural fermentation, it comes out kinda tart and funky.


The waitress really tried to talk me out of getting this beer! She kept insisting in her Eastern European accent that it would be too strange and to maybe go for a sampler. I really like tart and funky beers so I stuck to my guns and told her to bring me a glass.

And it was ok, I’m really used to sour beers and so it really wasn’t that strange. It was different from Flemish Reds because it was a bit fruitier and milder. It looked very similar to the previous beer I ordered. Again, almost no carbonation, and thick and viscous. It was supposed to be a wheat beer and some of that comes through, a little bready and citrusy. Interesting to see and taste what happens with natural fermentation. I‘m a fan.

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