Biergartenhaus and Elikeh Afro-pop

I’ll just put this out there, yes my eyes in this picture are different sizes. I have no idea why! (Lens distortion from being too close to the camera?) They aren’t usually like that I promise you!


And the picture is dark but the beer glass is bigger than my head! I ordered the Kostrizer Schwarzbier at Biergartenhaus in DC! While this is a dark beer, the flavor could be fuller to me. I’m so accustomed to drinking porters and stouts that, even though this is probably a good beer, it seems like its lacking something to me.


Later, at the Rock and Roll Hotel, at the upstairs bar, I ordered the Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout by Bell’s Brewery of Kalamazoo, Michigan at 6.1% abv.


I was happy to find this beer again! Light chocolate and toffee, medium/thick mouthfeel, slightly charred, caramel, low carbonation, slightly bitter aftertaste.

Then I made my way downstairs where the stage is and watched some really cool unusual bands. After a drum circle, there was a ska band, the Chariots, that got everyone jumping and moving around. And then my friend’s band Elikeh preformed! (pronounced L. E. K.) They are an afro pop band, and while I had no idea what afro-pop was I figured we were about to find out! They had a very cool sound and unusual instruments like the sax and flute. My friend Scott plays bass and he tore it up during his bass solo! I’m glad we got a good group out to see them, live music is always the best!

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