Wine Night at Trevor’s

On a Saturday night early in March, Trevor had people over for wine night and said to dress up! Since I wear scrubs to work and we go to the gym all the time, I feel like I never have a chance to get dressed up, so I was excited to go! (Even though I’m not really a wine drinker.) We also had to drink very conservatively and leave early since we had the Reston 10 Miler race the next morning!


And the boys looking snazzy!


I also had a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (unfortunately not the picture from that night, sorry) (And the label is ripped! I cant believe I didn’t have a better picture!)


People always say not to change anything before a big race. Since I always drink beer, I felt it was safer than wine. But I only had one. I believe that beer is carb loading! I was only preparing my body for the race in the morning!

Next morning race recap: I ran the whole 10 miles and finished strong! I averaged a 9:27 pace for 1hr 34m. Jack finished 6th overall in 1hr 15 sec!

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