A Better Find!

It was such a beautiful spring Thursday that we decided to go for a motorcycle ride around DC and see the cherry blossoms! But when we got downtown it was crawling with tourists and people. There was no way I wanted any part of that. So we kept riding. Heading through a somewhat people empty area of downtown I caught a glimpse of something just as good as cherry blossoms and made Jack park the bike.

It was the backside of the Smithsonian Castle! The Smithsonian Castle was the original museum back in 1847 but now houses the administrative offices. Its beautiful!


A tulip garden!


The best part was, that there were only one or two other couples quietly sitting on benches. We found a good bench, and admired the view for quite a while.

Then we got back on the bike and headed over to Brasserie Beck for appetizers and a beer!

They have a really good beer menu and I found a beer I’ve never tried! I ordered the Catherine the Great Russian Imperial Stout by Brouwerij Smisje of Oudenaarde, Belgium at 10% abv.


I was intrigued to find a Belgian Russian Imperial Stout. It seems like most Belgian beers are dubbles, tripples, and quarduples, all being as close as possible to Abbey beers. With of course the odd exceptions of Gueze and Lambics. So I had to try it.

It wasn’t very stout-like. But it was fantastic! Poured dark, but with reddish hints. Sweeter than most stouts, but not as sweet as many Abbey beers usually are. Dark fruits, figs, raising, and spice. Almost peppery and somewhat dry. I would call this a mild stout, but certainly not a Russian Imperial Stout. It was right up my alley though. I would definitely order this beer again.

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