Better on Tap?

Friday, we joined up with some friends after climbing and headed to Red Rocks Pizzeria for some pizza and a beer.


I switched purses earlier and of all the things to forget, I forgot my drivers license! I was totally bummed, thinking that of course she would card us and that I wouldn’t be able to get a beer. As everyone started ordering, I threw in my order as well and she didn’t card us! So I was able to get my beer! haha!

I ordered the Left Hand Milk Stout (yes I’ve had this many times before) but it was on nitro tap! And I had to see if it made any difference and had any effect on the beer.

Yes it did. Negatively. I was really surprised, but the beer was nowhere near as good! Its nice that it was super creamy and smooth, but all the good flavors seemed to be gone! I was almost embarrassed because someone else who also ordered the beer asked my opinion and I, of course, talked it up!

It was still a tasty beer, and we had a great time, and shared some great pizzas!

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