Thanks for the Palm!

I’d like to give a big shout out “Thank You” to a friend of my Dad’s named Randy! He must have noticed that I haven’t tried Palm yet and sent a few with my dad to give to me!

And he’s right! Crazy as it seems, I’ve never had a Palm before! (Brouwerij Palm, Steenhuffel, Belgium, 5.4% abv) It poured a beautiful, bright, clear golden-amber color. It looked so crisp and inviting!


Smells and tastes of Belgian yeast, slight citrus and apricot fruitiness, moderate to high carbonation, dry finish. This beer would be perfect for summer and the beach! It was quite refreshing.


So good that I had to take it out on the back deck to enjoy it outside!

Thanks Randy! I hope your most recent maple wheat beer comes out well! I’ve never had a maple wheat beer, but it sounds like a fantastic idea!

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