Andrew and Kristen’s going away party

Jack and I were pretty sad to hear that Andrew and Kristen were moving away, but they’re heading to Boston, so maybe we can go visit again!

We didn’t leave to go out right away, so Andrew grabbed me a beer from his fridge, I guess its appropriate that it’s a Sam Adams! (Since they are out of Boston)

Not sure why I’m making this face, I think its because I’m somewhat skeptical about Sam Adams beers in general.

I had the Sam Adams Belgian Session out of Boston, MA at 4.25% abv.


Not a bad beer, a bit lighter than I was expecting. Not quite the yeastiness or mouthfeel of a traditional Belgian. Almost more like a Hefe.

And this picture, I have to admit, I took the following night at Voltaire’s birthday party, but I realized that I had to have a picture of Andrew since he is the man we are out celebrating!


Later in the night we made it out to Chadwick’s in Old Town. Their beer selection pleasantly surprised me!  I ordered the Straffe Hendrik Quadruple by Brouwerij Straffe Hendrik/ De Halve Mann of Bruges, Belgium at 11% abv.


This beer is AMAZING! It’s fast becoming my new favorite beer! Sweet but not sickening, and slightly tart. Subtle fruit such as cherries, dates, plums. Medium to full body. Moderate fine-bubbled carbonation. You can definitely taste the alcohol, as you would expect, but not in a bad way, warming.

This beer is so good that it will be hard to order anything else after. Most beers will pale in comparison.

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