We Got to Meet Liz’s Parents!

Liz’s invited us out to dinner with her parents, so we got to meet them and go to a new restaurant! Liz found a very cute, little restaurant, with a good food and beer menu called the Black Squirrel up in Adam’s Morgan in DC. Although, it was positively a monsoon! Jack (who is quite the gentleman) dropped us off at the door, and by the time we made it inside we were still drenched!


The Black Squirrel offered all their beers on draught in two sizes, sample and full glass. I love sample sizes!

I started off by sampling the:


Probably the best Founder’s beer I’ve had. Very malty, toasted burnt caramel. Figs and raising, boozy, light vanilla. Quite drinkable, I will definitely need more than a sample.


Next, I decided to go back and try a beer that I haven’t had in years! But knowing that I’m going to Belgium in a few months, I thought I would re-try some old beers and remember what made me love them so much.

I had the Bruegel Amber Ale by Brouwerij Van Steenberge of Ertvelde, Belgium at 5.2% abv.


This is why I love Belgium. This beer is considered a Pale or Amber ale. It poured much darker than what most people would classify a pale/ amber ale, and that makes me happy.

First I noticed the honey flavor, then slightly floral. Toasted malts, bready, like a buttery biscuit. And wonderfully full bodied. Not a super complex beer, but comforting.


We had an awesome time with Liz and her parents! I’m glad we finally got to meet them and hear some wonderfully embarrassing childhood stories about Liz!

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