Girls Night!

There is nothing better than hanging out with the ladies on a random Wednesday night! We met up at The Light Horse in Old Town Alexandria and proceeded to have an awesome time!


First off, I ordered the Maudite by Unibroue of Chambly, Quebec, Canada at 8% abv.  (Pronounced Uni Brew, silly French Canadians!)


I really enjoy the Unibroue beers, but I can never remember which one is which! I’ve tried all of them, and I scour the beer menu looking for clues, if its under the Pale Ale section or the Belgian Dark section, to try and remember which one is which! I had to blindly guess for this one, but was happy with what I got!

The Maudite is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, right up my alley! Dark and malty, spicy, coriander, clove, plum. A bit hoppy at the end.

Also, after learning that Maudite meant “damned” I felt that there had to be a story there and sure enough, on the Unibroue website, it tells the story behind the beer!

The word “Maudite” refers here to the Legend of “Chasse-Galerie” a tribute to the early lumberjacks of Nouvelle-France. The legend tells of eight daring woodsmen who, during winter, yearned to be home for the Holidays. They conjured up the Devil and all of them pledged their soul in return for flying them in their canoe to their village. As they sailed across the moonlit sky, one of them managed to free himself from the pledge by invoking the name of God, which caused the flying canoe to come crashing down to earth.

Glad I now know the story behind the beer and the label art!

Next up, I had the Legend Chocolate Porter by Legend Brewing Company of Richmond, VA at 5.9% abv.


Not bad. Lots of chocolate and toffee. Not super complex, but a decent beer to drink. quite a bit of carbonation, almost too much for this style. A bit nutty with a dry finish.

I hope girls night happens more often! I got to enjoy some good company and some good beers!

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