Happy Birthday Liz!!!

Liz usually throws an awesome party for her birthday! The past few parties she has thrown have been quite memorable, but I’m sure they involved a lot of clean up the following day. This year, she opted to go out for dinner and then drinks with friends. We first met up at Zest Bistro in DC for dinner! I ordered a beer on tap that I’ve never tried before, the Double Bag by Long Trail Brewing Company of Bridgewaters Corners, VT at 7.2% abv.


I do not know where the beer gets this “double bag” name. The label art has a picture of two cows with udders right next to each other. Although this is not a milk stout, so the cows are confusing. Its considered a strong amber or an Altbier, a typically German style. A bit lagery for me. Malty, hop spicy, slightly bitter, piney, dry finish.


And with dinner I had another beer, the Port City Porter by Port City Brewing of Alexandria, VA at 7.5% abv. (A local beer!)


Tastes of semi sweet dark chocolate. A little bitter, with slight coffee undertones, but not overdone. Strong roasted malts, hints of vanilla. Not the best porter ever, but not poorly done.

Later, we moved down the street a block to a bar of which I unfortunately forget the name.

I ordered an Allagash White by Allagash Brewing Company of Portland, Maine at 5.2% abv.


This beer is almost a classic. Its quite appealing, and so I cant think of anyone that’s tried it and not liked it. Very easy drinking. Crisp, wheat and grass, somewhat citrusy, Belgian yeasts, slightly spicy, and refreshing.

Oh my goodness, and shots. Which I tried to get out of, but I had to do at least one for Liz. It was an easy one though, a lemon drop.


All in all, quite a celebration!


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