Rooftop Dinner with Kaitlyn and Andy!

And my friend Chris came too! It was almost like a high school reunion!

Turns out everyone was drinking wine, so I polished off this bottle of Clementine White Ale by Clown Shoes of Ipswich, Mass at 6% abv all by my lonesome.


It was hot out on the rooftop, even though we were in the shade, so the beer was quite refreshing.  Belgian yeast and funkiness, orange peels, light citrusy notes, slightly peppery finish.

And yes, after dinner, I relented and had a glass of wine.


All throughout dinner, we heard the drum circle in the nearby park. Truly heart of darkness style.

But we braved the wilderness and headed up to check it out.


The park was quite lovely with fountains and ducks. But around the drum circle was pure rasta, hippie, smelly craziness. There were also many people in the park just doing their thing: slack lining, hair braiding, hula hooping, yoga, meditation, frisbee, soccer. It was quite the urban menagerie.


Truly an eye opener! I cant think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening!

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